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Discover a world of Convenience & Simplicity

Secure Payments

Guaranteed 99.9% up time on all our services and ensure you can accept payments securely. Your money is also secured in a trust account by our bank partners.

Simple and Fast

Blazing fast transaction speeds and near-realtime sync with our apps. With our NFC tap-to-pay extension to our wallet, we provide a seamless, realtime payment experience.

One Swype Universe

One account for your business, lifestlye, leisure and bill payments. Unlock loyalty points when you dine, attend a gig, pay your medical bills just because Swype cares.

Getting Started in 3 simple Steps!

1. Dial *384*335# from your mobile handset or download our Android App.

2. Choose your preferred SwypePay account type and complete your registration.

3. Now Link your SwypePay enabled card to your account and you're all Set!

Buy Event tickets on Tikiti™ using your SwypePay account and unlock your instant discount!

We have partnered with Tikiti to offer our members a cheaper and faster way to access live events, concerts and music festivals.

Enhance your guest experience in your business, events or your online services by connecting to SwypePay.

Experience the easiest way to make physical, web and mobile payments with extensive features made available for you. Payments are easiest when you can pay anywhere in the world, anytime, with instant notifications.

We guarantee instant end of day settlements to our participating merchant outlets. We have made it simpler for you to access your hard earned cash in realtime. Contact our customer service team today to learn more about how we can empower your business.

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